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Power outages from lightning storms and other huge power grid events do more damage than simply causing a few hours of Wi-Fi-less boredom. The power surges resulting from these blackouts often demolish light switches, bulbs, AC units, and electrical outlets. In worse case scenarios, they will completely destroy your most valuable electronics and appliances in a manner of a few seconds.

To protect you and your property from such damage, our trained experts at JN Electric of Tampa Bay can easily install a surge protector which safeguards your whole home during an electrical outage. We have multiple types of products to fit your house’s individual needs, as well as your budget. If you are looking for quality surge protection services in Tampa, you can trust our technicians will expertly install protectors promptly, the right way the first time.

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Types of Surge Protectors

Because there are so many protection services and products available on the market, you might be confused about which one to choose. With the advice of our knowledgeable technicians in a detailed consultation, you will soon figure out exactly what your home needs.

With the aid of a surge protector, you will be able to defend your home from a whole series of potential disasters, including lightning strikes, energy surges, and burst transformers. You will also be able to protect your appliances from surges which occur after these initial events as the electricity “reboots,” including such cases as downed power line surges or surges during reconnection.

The two primary types of electrical surge protectors which are commonly available for homeowners’ residence, including:

  • Service entrance surge protectors: This device actually works to protect the power lines themselves that enter your house by connecting to telephone lines, cable TV, and Wi-Fi. You can find the protector itself usually located near the meter, or alternatively by the primary electric panel.It is beneficial because you do not need individual devices for individual appliances, but just a single protector at the main entrance.
  • Point-of-use surge protectors: Because of their low cost and availability at most electronic and home supply stores, these applications are typically found in anyone's home. All you have to do is plug the device into an outlet on the wall, and your most valuable devices, ranging from your widescreen TV's to your precious laptops, are now safeguarded from major strikes. The problem is that even these amazing alternatives of modern technology are limited in the type of surge they can protect you from. While they help protect a small number of individual appliances, they are not powerful enough to preserve your entire house in the event of a power surge.

Advanced Protection from Surge Protectors

Our state-of-the-art surge protectors will not only safeguard your electronics that you use for entertainment, work, or personal use, from your laptops to your TVs to your phones, but they can also protect other valuable equipment. Any devices you need for security monitoring, or even medical purposes, will also be safe and secure. You can rely on JN Electric of Tampa Bay to provide you with total protection in the event of any power surge.

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