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Have you ever been up at night and notice the lights start flickering? Perhaps the circuit breaker trips randomly or cuts for no reason. The lights may suddenly turn off, leaving you stumbling in the dark to try to find the generator. If you have been repeatedly plagued by these problems, you are not alone. Many homeowners experience this electrical problem, which is not only annoying, but can be very hazardous to your electrical system and your own safety.

This frustrating set of circumstances is actually not as mysterious as it might seem. When you notice the above warning signs, your electrical panel needs to be upgraded. Without an upgrade or a “heavy up,” you will continue experiencing sudden outages and unsteady sources of light, due to your system’s current circuitry being unable to handle the amount of power it is transferring. Fortunately, this is an issue that JN Electric of Tampa Bay can readily solve. You can trust our knowledgeable team of professionals to install electrical panel upgrades in Tampa Bay with absolute quality.

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Signs You May Need an Electrical Power Upgrade

If you are noticing your electrical devices and appliances are continuously tripping your circuits, especially if you use more than one appliance at a time, this means your circuitry is currently too weak to handle the amperage of your devices. You will need to raise your circuit's electrical power so that it safely and efficiently conveys electricity to multiple devices at a time. Hesitating or delaying in getting an upgrade can be very dangerous to you and your home, since continual circuit trips lead to electrical fires.

There are several warnings that an electrical panel upgrade is in order. Some of the most relevant signals that it is time to upgrade include:

  • Having an electrical panel that is more than 20 years of age
  • Observing constantly flickering lights
  • Experiencing continual circuit breaker trips unassociated with any weather conditions
  • Having plans to expand your home and the number of appliances within the additional rooms
  • Planning to get new or modernized appliances such as a dryer, refrigerator, washer, freezer, or oven

Benefits of an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Investing in an updated electrical panel can seem like a difficult decision on account of its upfront costs. However, there are many advantages crucial to protecting the safety of you and your home.

Some of the best advantages of an upgrade include:

  • More capacity to supply electricity in your home – Did you know that older houses, typically those older than twenty years, can only use 100 amps of power throughout the day? While this would have served our grandparents’ generation, our smartphones, laptops, TVs, and other digital devices require a lot more power to be charged. Now, newer homes with electrical upgrades are supplied with a capacity of 200 amps and higher, meaning you can safely utilize all your devices without fears they will get damaged.
  • Greater safety for your household – The more electricity you use without proper protection, the greater the risk you have at damaging your electrical devices. Even worse, deteriorating outlets and wires are likely to malfunction, increasing the chance of you or your loved ones accidentally receiving a dangerous electrical shock. Not scheduling an upgrade can even result in hazardous fires.
  • More convenience and flexibility – It can be very annoying and time-consuming trying to use a single appliance at one time, since you’re afraid of tripping the circuit. However, now you don’t need to worry about turning on your coffeemaker while using the toaster. Electrical panel upgrades provide you with optimal flexibility and convenience.

Don’t Delay in Household Safety

While we all appreciate the advance of modern technology and its convenience in our lives, we also need to take precautions that these additions come with the highest level of safety. Do not burden your home with an ineffective panel—get in touch with our professional, licensed, and insured team at JN Electric of Tampa Bay for dependable, quick service.

Contact us now at (813) 819-7444 to get a consultation about any of your electrical panel upgrade needs in Tampa Bay.


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