JN Electric Dives in to Save the Day During Tower Flood

JN Electric of Tampa Bay Shines on Flood Response Team

The 35-story Element Apartment Tower residents in Tampa were awakened early July 6th to the news their building was flooded. Tampa Fire and Rescue inspected the area and found two broken water pipes on the 12th and 27th floors. The residences from floors 28 to 35 were unaffected. Once residents and staff were notified and evacuated, building management faced the considerable repair and cleanup process that comes with flooding and water damage. The JN Electric of Tampa Bay (JNE) team follows through on their promises, and when they say they’ll be there for all their customers when and where it counts, believe them! A new project manager on the JN Electric staff noticed his team was being called to help with the Element Apartment Tower water main break. Instead of enjoying the time off work, the project manager joined the team in the trenches! They worked most of the weekend, so apartment residents could begin returning to their homes. Through the hard work of JNE, the fire marshal, TECO, and the apartment management company, JNE’s project manager was able to get approval to restore power to many units and supply temporary power to other units while further improvements, repairs, and cleaning were completed.

A Combination of Teamwork and Expertise Saved the Day

While the emergency ended well for everyone involved, it started when the JNE team arrived at the building after an emergency phone call from the property management team. They were greeted by 2 inches of water and an aerobic hike up 27 flights of stairs. After many trips up and down those 27 plus flights, the team was finally able to locate the source of the flooding. Before the repairs and inspections began, Tampa Fire Rescue evacuated residents for their safety. At the time of the evacuation, the news of the building collapse in Surfside was still fresh in everyone’s memories, so many residents were, of course, very concerned and worried for their safety. Thankfully, the building was found to be in good condition aside from the plumbing issues After the expertise and teamwork of everyone involved, the management company at the Element Apartment Tower was excited to announce that, pending final approval from the City Fire Chief and Construction Services Manager, they would be welcoming residents back into the building as early as July 26th.

Build to Serve Tampa and Our Neighbors

While the events of July 6th seem like a wild and crazy night, the team at JN Electric of Tampa Bay is built to serve, regardless of what that service looks like or when it’s needed. Our team of dedicated and talented electricians takes every call, rain or shine. Sometimes, the call comes when we’re not on call, but we answer and pitch in to help because our team is committed to serving Tampa and our neighbors. We work hard to exceed our customers’ expectations and deliver the best quality electrical services in the area. We have served Tampa for more than 30 years, and our commitment to the area is unwavering. Our licensed electricians are highly trained, and we specialize in both commercial and residential services, which means we can tackle any electrical problem you’re facing.

You can read more about the full evacuation by clicking the news article here.

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