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Remodeling, Additions, and Updating

A vision of what your dream home looks like may seem overwhelming and when you draw it out, the budget may scare you away.

Electrical work is a big part of a remodel, addition, and update to your home or office. Whether it is updating or upgrading a panel to accommodate more amperage, adding on a whole second story or room, or just remodeling a space, you will need to ensure your electrical can handle it all, and keep you safe.


Safety is always one of the biggest concerns, especially when it comes to electricity.

When you pass electrical inspections for your home, it can give you peace of mind. If safety issues are not caught, the consequences can be immediate or can come years later.

Electrical inspections are done by experienced electricians so you can ensure the job is done right. Electrical inspections typically include:

  • Testing electrical outlets for output and irregularities

  • Locating any defective electrical work

  • Inspecting the panel for damaged or inoperable breakers

  • Determining if the electrical panel is overloaded

  • Identifying potential fire hazards and electric shock risks

  • Discovering any lack of grounding

Design and Installation

When it comes to remodeling, one of the most important parts is the design and installation. You want to ensure the design gives your home enough light as well as fits the lifestyle of you and your entire household.

From bathrooms, kitchens, living areas and dens, bedrooms, home offices, and more, every space in your home should be lighted to fit that room's use.

This is why we offer addition and remodel services such as:

  • Lighting design, replacement, and installation

  • Electrical panel upgrades to meet your new space’s electrical needs

  • Outlet and switch installation and upgrades

  • Surge protection installation

  • Safety inspections and electrical remodeling consultations


Do you find your lights flickering or that you blow a breaker when you have multiple appliances plugged in?

Your electrical panel may not be a great fit for your lifestyle. Every time your circuit trips, it means it is too weak to handle the amount of amperage your home is using.

When you notice this, it is important not to wait, since delaying an update or upgrade can lead to electrical issues, such as an electrical fire.

Look out for the following warning signs to know when your home is ready for some updating.

  • Having an electrical panel that is more than 20 years of age

  • Observing constantly flickering lights

  • Experiencing continual circuit breaker trips unassociated with any weather conditions

  • Having plans to expand your home and the number of appliances within the additional rooms

  • Planning to get new or modernized appliances such as a dryer, refrigerator, washer, freezer, or oven

Although this investment may seem like a big decision, it is ultimately for your safety, but it also comes with other benefits. These include an increase in the capacity of supplied electricity, convenience, and flexibility.

Surge Protection

Power outages are not only scary for the young family members in your home, but it can be scary to your electrical safety if it isn’t installed correctly.

These unexpected events can be caused by many different things and cause more damage than just boredom from Wi-Fi.

Light switches can be demolished, along with bulbs, AC units, and electrical outlets. In some of the worst-case scenarios, they will completely destroy your most valuable electronics and appliances in a manner of a few seconds, or start electrical fires.

To keep this worry off your mind, consider installing a surge protector. It is a safeguard to your entire home when an outage happens.

JN Electric offers two different types of surge protectors, including service entrance surge protection device and point-of-use surge protection device.

JN Electric of Tampa Bay is here to help install lighting fixtures when you’re remodeling, adding on or updating.We offer budget-friendly, and long-lasting solutions. Call us at (813) 819-7444 for all your electrical needs!