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Learning or Working from Home? We Can Help!

Offering Safe & Clean Power to Your At-Home Workstation

If you are like millions of Americans who are having to work from home or homeschool young ones this year, it is important to create a space that is conducive to productivity and able to cope with all the new electronics needed to succeed at work or school. Our electricians at JN Electric of Tampa Bay are offering a complete workstation package to provide clean and safe power solutions.

Our at-home workstation package includes:

  • 1 Arc-Fault protected 20-amp, 120-volt circuit
  • 2 Leviton combination decora duplex outlets with 2 USB ports built-in
  • 1 UPS battery backup system, rated at 800VA/480 watts, with built-in voltage stabilization and 6 outputs for your computer, desktop monitors, and WIFI router to plug into

The base price for the package is $1,136.00. This is based on a single-story home with reasonable attic access and room in the main electrical panel within 60’. If this doesn’t sound like your space, or you’re not sure, we offer free estimates to better evaluate your home. And, if your property doesn’t meet our specifications, we will work with you. When the router is located in a different location, a 2nd UPS can be supplied that has the same voltage stabilization but is rated at 600 VA/360 watts, saving you money. Install price for this option is $140.00 when added to the workstation package.

Instead of suffering from surges, or worse, dealing with electrical damage due to a system that can’t handle your new requirements, trust our skilled professionals to help. JN Electric of Tampa Bay are Tampa’s most-trusted, full-service electric company, with skilled electricians standing by, ready to brighten your day.

Call us at (813) 819-7444 to learn more about our workstation package today!