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Powering Your Home Office

For most of us, working from home feels pretty normal these days. In fact, a large number of companies are committed to keeping their employees working remotely into 2022 and possibly beyond. But, what does this new age of remote working have to do with an electrical company? Making your living space also serve as office space is no simple task, and may require professional help.

  • ElectricalWhat many people do not realize is office buildings and educational centers are wired with electrical equipment that allows them to generate enough power to run a space full of computers, phones, televisions, and other electronic devices. Although your home does not need to have the capacity to power over 100 computers at once, it still may require an electrical panel upgrade.
  • Age of Your Home: The age of your home is a great place to start when determining whether you may be in need of an electrical panel upgrade. Think about it this way - would the first resident of your living space have had multiple lights, televisions, computers, and WiFi devices running at the same time? Unless your home was built in the last five years, chances are your humble abode is not equipped with at least 200 amps of power necessary to efficiently and effectively power your living space.
  • Number of People: A family of four, with two parents working from home and two kids in virtual school, is likely going to be in major need of an electrical panel upgrade. If you and your family notice glitches with your devices, flickering of lights, or safety switches going off in your breaker box, your home does not have the power it needs to fuel your electrical lifestyle.
  • Surge ProtectionIf your home is powering several electronic devices at once, you are likely familiar with surge protection. Without surge protection, you are putting your devices at risk of severe damage. Furthermore, a power surge could result in a shorter life of your device, a complete data wipe, or an even worse circumstance.
  • Service Entrance Surge Protection: This type of surge protection is done at the main panel of your home. Most of your humble abode’s devices - from the microwave to your lights to your laptop - are all hard-wired to your main electrical panel. Installing a whole-home surge protector will protect your living space from outages right at the base of it all.
  • Point-of-Use Surge Protection: You are likely using a point-of-use surge protector in your home office or classroom. These plug directly into your wall socket and are usually a block of outlets. Although these protectors will keep your electronics safe while you are working, they will not keep you powered through major outages. Point-of-use surge protectors should not be mistaken for a power strip. A power strip is not a viable option to keep your device safe.
  • LightingWhether you are in need of an electrical panel upgrade or not, lighting is also a must-have for an in-home office or classroom. If you are on video calls throughout the day, you want to show professionalism by being well lit.
  • Recessed Lighting: A recessed light above your desk will give you a large amount of illumination that blends in with your space. It will provide you with consistent lighting that doesn’t use up desk or floor space. Additionally, recessed lighting often makes a room feel larger and warmer, creating ideal lighting for your home office or classroom.
  • Energy-Efficient Lighting: With all this time spent at home, chances are, your utility bills may be on the rise. A great way to cut down monthly costs, while still giving your space additional light, is through energy-efficient lighting. Whether you go for compact fluorescent lights or LED, installing energy-efficient lighting could both bring light to your office and save money in your piggy bank.
  • Lighting Fixtures: Have you been eying a fancy chandelier for the perfect office oasis? Light fixtures are an excellent way to bring illumination to your space while also making it stand out. The amount of light a fixture emits will depend on what you choose. If you want to give your home office or classroom the royal treatment, install recessed lighting and a lighting fixture to achieve your lighting goals.

JN Electric is Ready to Power your Space

This is an unusual time, and adjusting to the many demands of “the new normal” can be overwhelming. Luckily, JN Electric of Tampa Bay is here to help set up with the electrical and lighting upgrades you need. Give you and your family the in-home office and classroom you all deserve by giving us a call at (813) 819-7444 to schedule your appointment!